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Spam Accounts List - NotDominic - 08-08-2018

Hi everyone. It seems that this forum has been forgotten and has unfortunately become the home of a few spam accounts. I've decided to have a quick look at these associated accounts and have proposed a very simple solution that will deter these kinds of people in the future; I have decided to suspend posting privileges and then publish associated email and I.P addresses so that search engines (such as Google) end up indexing and making the data public.

Accounts published on the list have either had their posting privileges suspended indefinitely or have been banned. If I have caught you out by mistake, drop a PM.


Spam Accounts List (last updated 08/08/2018 20:43)

Forum Username                  | Associated Email Addresses                                    | Associated I.P Addresses and Geographical Location
Shaylasnuck                     |                                    |, (Vilnius, Vilniaus Apskritis, Lithuania)
WilliamCal                      |                      | (Ukraine)
CurtisMob                       |                    | (Ukraine)
NormanKeync                     |                    | (Ukraine)